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Dance Initiative debuts live performance of 'Letters to Congress: A WILD Sanity'

Aug 24, 2017

Still image of dancers Emily Fifer and Deborah Colley in "Letters to Congress: A WILD Sanity."
Credit Courtesy of Dance Initiative

Dance Initiative has choreographed an outdoor performance premiering this weekend. Now, local artists are turning the production, titled “Letter to Congress: A WILD Sanity” into a film to be presented to Congress.


When local choreographer Deborah Colley learned that Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke would be making recommendations to President Donald Trump, regarding the future of the country’s national monuments, she sprung to action with “Letter to Congress: A WILD Sanity.”

Thursday, Zinke announced he would not recommend any of the 27 national monuments be eliminated. Although he recommends the Trump administration make modifications to a “handful” of monuments.


“Letter to Congress” is a collaborative project between artists operating in a variety of mediums. The performances will be interactive in that the audience will be asked to travel between sets on site.


There will be two live performances of the dance Friday and Saturday at Sustainable Settings Ranch in Carbondale. Each showcase begins at 6:30 p.m.