Daniel R. Porterfield named Aspen Institute's next president and CEO

Nov 30, 2017

Credit Michael Miville

The Aspen Institute’s next president and CEO will be Dan Porterfield.

Porterfield is the current president of Franklin and Marshall College in Lancaster, PA. He said the mission of the Aspen Institute and his work in higher education share a common goal of creating dialogue among diverse populations.


“As a country, we are stronger when we are inclusive and we all grow by recognizing that we are in relationship with one another,” he said.  


Porterfield said the model of convening people to share ideas is exactly what the country needs, and the challenge will be in reaching communities beyond the confines of the Aspen Institute.


“How we can provide more opportunity for more communities to learn about the way that Aspen has facilitated growth and dialogue and common ground might be one of the opportunities that we have in the years to come,” Porterfield said.


Porterfield will succeed Walter Isaacson beginning June 1.