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Day of Student Climate Activism To Include Artistic Display

Sep 19, 2019

Students plan to assemble in the shape of a snowflake, similar to this display from 2009.
Credit Courtesy of Rae Lampe

Aspen students have a variety of demonstrations planned Friday to call attention to climate change and urge action to change its course. 

In the morning, students from Aspen public schools and Aspen Country Day School will take part in a global school walkout. In the afternoon, however, the demonstrations will take a turn for the artistic.   

Students and community members wearing white will assemble in the shape of a snowflake. A drone will take an aerial shot of the formation.

Rae Lampe, an art teacher at Aspen Middle School, organized the display and said it includes a touch of symbolism.

“From the ground you can’t tell that you’re part of a bigger picture,” Lampe said. “Just like in life, we can’t really tell that we’re all part of this. But from the sky, we’re all like little teeny paint drops in the bigger picture.”

Lampe added that a snowflake was chosen because it represents an important part of the town that could be threatened by climate change.

“We are from a town that lives on the snow,” Lampe said. “We all enjoy it. Many of our livelihoods come from it.”

The group will assemble at 2:15 p.m. on Lower Moore Field.