Dear Governor Hickenlooper: Mountain Film Takes Up Fracking

Aug 20, 2014

Stash Wislocki is director of "Dear Governor Hickenlooper."
Credit Ben Knight

  Film has played a major role in the fracking debate in Colorado and around the country. Tonight, there’s a new fracking movie showing at the Wheeler Opera House. “Dear Governor Hickenlooper” is a collection of short films about oil and gas drilling. Most are critical of the industry. Stash Wislocki is the Director of Dear Governor Hickenlooper film. He spoke with Aspen Public Radio’s Elise Thatcher.

In one of the stories within "Dear Governor Hickenlooper," Alison Gannett, a farmer living near Paonia, describes a common theme of feeling powerless against expanding oil and gas development this way: “Because we could do everything right, we could get all the right letters, we could get all the right scientific facts and present those, but they could still approve it.” The film “Dear Governor Hickenlooper" shows today, Wednesday August 20th, at the Wheeler Opera House at 7:30pm.