Developer to finish what was started in Basalt

Nov 10, 2016

Lowe Enterprises' original plans for development at the Pan and Fork mobile home site were ultimately abandoned.
Credit Courtesy of www.ourtownplanning.org

The final votes that trickled in early Wednesday morning were not enough to sway the outcome in Basalt. Residents rejected two ballot measures that would have had the town purchase land to create a park on the Pan and Fork mobile home site, and developers are ready to step in.

The proposal to purchase the 2-acre property failed by 64 votes, following a hotly contested election season. Now that the town will not buy the parcel, development firm Lowe Enterprises plans to. Jim DeFrancia, president of Lowe Enterprises, said he plans to meet with the landowner and town council in the upcoming weeks.


“We’re respectful of the public preference for park - or I would say expanded park - and we want to do something that’s acceptable to the town,” DeFrancia said.


Initial plans for development, which were completed about two years ago, include some park space and public amenities. DeFrancia said he will take direction from Basalt town council and residents moving forward.