Eagle Airport practices emergency response

Oct 19, 2017

Some of the moulage used in Wednesday's emergency response drill at the Eagle County Regional Airport. In a planned scenario, volunteers with fake injuries were treated by first responders.
Credit Eagle County Regional Airport

The Eagle County Regional Airport held an emergency response drill on Wednesday. This happens once every three years. In a prepared scenario, 80 volunteers littered the runway, all with fake injuries. First responders then had to react.

The plane supposedly landed at the end of the runway, then crashed through a fence. No plane was actually involved; instead, participants rode to the end of the runway on buses. They had their faces painted with fake blood. Some even had on what’s called “moulage,” which are fake wounds, like a broken bone, or an impalement, that can be worn over clothing. Each had a card naming their particular injury, which they acted out.


Jodi Doney, the air service coordinator for the airport, said some volunteers played their roles with gusto. "It was kinda fun. It got everyone ready for Halloween, that’s for sure."


A formal evaluation of how the first responders performed is underway. Doney said during the winter months the Eagle County Regional Airport is one of the busiest in the state.