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Eagle County Joins Lawsuit Against JUUL Labs, Saying It Targeted Children

Dec 18, 2019

Credit Wikimedia Commons

One-third of Colorado teens report using tobacco, one of the highest rates in the nation, and more Western Slope youth are vaping than in many other parts of the state.


Now, Eagle County is joining a federal lawsuit against JUUL Labs and other electronic-cigarette makers that argues that manufacturers developed products specifically targeting children. 


“We intend to hold e-cigarette manufacturers responsible for the harm they have inflicted on our communities, our schools and our children. Too many kids believe that vaping is safe and cool due to the intentional and frankly, despicable youth-centered marketing tactics used by JUUL and others,” said Jeanne McQueeney, chair of the Eagle County Board of Commissioners.

Eagle County joins nearly 200 other governments, school districts and others in suing the e-cigarette manufacturers. 

The multi-district lawsuit will be heard in San Francisco, where JUUL is headquartered.