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Expert to speak in Aspen about urbanization

Oct 12, 2015


Karen Seto is a professor at Yale. She's speaking about urbanization in Aspen Tuesday night.
Credit Aspen Global Change Institute

An expert in urbanization and land use change is speaking in Aspen Tuesday. She has advice for land use planners in Aspen.


Karen Seto is a professor at Yale. She studies why cities are growing, how they grow and how their growth impacts the environment. People are moving to cities at a more rapid pace than ever before. And, urban areas generate three-quarters of global greenhouse gas emissions. She says urbanization increases demand for resources.


We don’t have the luxury to say, ‘What’s the best urban design to minimize environmental impacts? What’s the best urban design that will be most adaptable to climate change.’ We need to continue to think about minimizing the impacts but continue to urbanize at the same time.”

In Aspen, finding a balance between development and maintaining small town character can be a point of contention. She recommends planners scale up instead of replace the area’s geography, history and other unique aspects as it grows. Seto speaks at the Limelight at 6 pm. It's part of a lecture series put on by the Aspen Global Change Institute.