Featured Poets

Apr 15, 2014

Kim Nuzzo - Carbondale Poet; co-founder Aspen Poet's Society
Credit Roger Adams

  Welcome to a special program for National Poetry Month.  

Centuries after the Greeks celebrated poetry readings as part of the original Olympics, poetry is alive, well and thriving.  From the classics to hip-hop and slam, people are writing and reading poetry everyday.  Poems, like little word pictures say so much in so few words. 

Thanks to the Aspen Poet’s Society the spoken word is heard year round at monthly live poetry readings.  One of the highlights of these monthly live poetry readings is a featured poet; sometimes local poets other times poets visiting to read their work.

"Poetry uses the existent to talk about the unknowable."

Joining us for this special is Kim Nuzzo one of the founders of the Aspen Poet’s Society and a published poet in his own right. 

We are going to listen to the work of three poets featured in the last year at live poetry night; New Mexico poet Don McIver, Carbondale poet Claudia Putnam and Wyoming poet David Romvedt.

With the help of Kim Nuzzo we’ll explore the power of words to evoke atmosphere and to explore the past present and future.  As Kim puts it, “poetry uses the existent to talk about the unknowable.”    

Claudia Putnam
Credit Roger Adams

Claudia Putnam

Black Bird


After Flowers

David Romvedt

David Romvedt
Credit Roger Adams


Surprise Breakfast

Illegal Alien

25 Vultures

Don McIver
Credit Don McIver

Don McIver

Damon Stop

Miles Davis – Freddie the Freeloader