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Federal Judge Recommends Stay On RMR Lawsuit Over Glenwood Springs Quarry

Oct 4, 2019


A controversial quarry near Glenwood Springs has been the subject of a pair of lawsuits. Now, one of them is being put on hold.

In May, Rocky Mountain Resources (RMR), which owns the quarry, filed lawsuits against Garfield County in both state and federal courts. The county enforced permit violations against the quarry amid widespread public outcry. RMR responded with two lawsuits, claiming that the county acted “arbitrarily, capriciously (and) irrationally” in enforcing the violations.

In a document filed Sept. 29, a federal judge in Grand Junction recommended putting a stay on the federal lawsuit, saying that the state court was “an adequate forum to hear the claims.”


Both RMR and the county have 14 days to file any written objections to the judge’s recommendation.