Female Adventurers Of All Stripes Seen In No Man's Land Film Fest

Sep 13, 2018

Credit No Man's Land Film Festival

The women’s adventure film festival No Man's Land returns to Carbondale this weekend. The event aims to show a wide range of ways women are pushing themselves in the great outdoors.

This is the fourth year the No Man’s Land flagship festival has been held in Carbondale. Executive director Aisha Weinhold said, when she started the film festival, it was difficult to find enough films featuring women in the outdoors to fill an entire weekend.

"I spent two years looking for content. I came up with three hours. The content was not there. And now, more than anything, we’re an example that it’s there and people care, and it’s important," she said.

Weinhold wants the festival to highlight many different experiences and voices under the umbrella of female adventurers. That means the lineup includes films about female bowhunters, LGBTQ athletes and women of color.  


"I think it’s so easy to say, 'Oh, we have women,' you know, 'Check!' And there’s just so much more to be done," she said.  


The weekend also includes panels for entrepreneurs and aspiring filmmakers, as well as group outdoor activities.