GarCo considers more drilling in Battlement Mesa

Sep 17, 2017

Garfield County is considering an application for an additional 55 gas wells near this spot in Battlement Mesa. Dave Devanney (pictured) is chair of Battlement Concerned Citizens, a group opposed to more industrial development in the residential area.
Credit Elizabeth Stewart-Severy / Aspen Public Radio

Officials on the Garfield County planning and zoning commission are considering a proposal for another round of gas wells in a Battlement Mesa community.

The company Ursa Resources is asking for approval of 55 new gas wells and one wastewater injection well in a Battlement Mesa neighborhood. This would mean a total of 109 gas wells in a residential area.

Two citizen groups — Battlement Concerned Citizens and the Grand Valley Citizens Alliance — have objected to the proposal. They claim it violates state regulations and puts residents in harm’s way. One of the well pads is within 500 feet of a trailer park.


“This is one of the most dangerous locations for oil and gas development,” said Leslie Robinson, president of the Grand Valley Citizens Alliance.


Garfield County’s planning and zoning commission heard testimony last week and will reconsider the proposal on Sept. 26. Ursa has asked to make changes to the conditions of approval, which identify how the company plans to mitigate and minimize impacts to residents.