Garfield County to adjust precinct lines after election

Oct 2, 2017

Credit Garfield County

For the purposes of elections, counties are divided up into precincts and, on Monday, the Garfield County Board of Commissioners approved the redrawing of precinct lines in Carbondale and New Castle.

Precincts shouldn’t have more than 1,500 active voters; however, last year was a presidential election, and lots of people registered to vote. The county now has a few lopsided precincts, which they plan to even out.

The new precinct lines have to follow things like rivers, gullies, streets, etc., and won’t go into effect until after this November’s election. If you live in New Castle or Carbondale, you will receive a letter, saying your precinct has changed.

According to Jean Alberico, Garfield County clerk, these changes are most important to political parties, as organizing often happens at the precinct-level, as well as caucusing.