Garfield County To Reclaim Sales Tax Revenue

Dec 20, 2018

Credit Garfield County

In 2019, Garfield County plans to recover over $580,000 from different towns and entities; in 2018, it gave away too much sales tax revenue.

The county collects a 1 percent sales tax on a variety of things, from meals at restaurants, to building materials purchased in the county. The money is dispersed back to towns within its boundaries, as well as to the county’s road and bridge fund, the sheriff’s office and other places.

By law, those entities can only get 105.5 percent of the previous year's payouts.

If the county pays them too much, it can get its money back if it wants to. On Monday, the Board of County Commissioners decided it wants to reclaim the money from the different recipients of sales tax revenue on a monthly basis.  

According to Theresa Wagenman, the county’s finance director, the money can be used for capital funds and personnel.