General election brings vote on ColoradoCare

Jun 30, 2016

A proponent of Amendement 69 which would create a single payer health insurance system in Colorado.
Credit facebook/coloradocareyes / courtesy photo

On the ballot in November, Coloradans will be voting on “ColoradoCare” — an amendment to the state constitution that would establish a single-payer health insurance system.

Former Colorado State Senator Jeanne Nicholson led the effort to place the measure on the ballot through a citizens initiative that garnered more than 150,000 signatures. Reporter Alycin Bektesh recently spoke with Nicholson about ColoradoCare, asking her first to explain what switching insurance systems will mean for Coloradans.

Aspen Public Radio reached out to Kathleen Killion of the Valley Health Alliance for this story. She replied that VHA will not comment at this time, “until we have obtained further information in this regard. However, we have, in a short time, demonstrated improved health metrics and reduced costs by focusing on evidenced-based medicine and utilization practices.”