Glenwood Springs aims to improve their bus system

Jan 23, 2017

Glenwood Springs will pay a consulting firm, IBI Group, $50,000 to find ways improve Ride Glenwood, which doesn’t have enough riders and is too expensive to operate.

IBI is going to explore the possibility of redesigning some of the routes, among other things.

The major problem Tanya Allen, the transportation manager for Glenwood Springs, sees is the overlap of Ride Glenwood and RFTA’s services. RFTA operates Ride Glenwood and just sends the city a bill, but Allen said there are literally places where both RFTA and Ride Glenwood do the exact same thing.

Ride Glenwood had about 200,000 riders in 2015. Monthly ridership averages close to 17,000,  with seasonal variation.