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Glenwood Springs Looks For Consultants To Help Develop Arts Plan

Sep 30, 2019

Artist Madeline Wiener discusses a public art piece commissioned by the city of Glenwood Springs. The city wants to create an art plan that would guide commissions and acquisitions.
Credit Christin Kay / Aspen Public Radio

Glenwood Springs wants a common vision to guide the city’s art and events, and it’s looking to hire consultants to help. 


The city’s arts and culture board wants a public art plan to provide direction for new art acquisitions.  


Stefanie Davis, chair of the arts and culture board, says a city should think of its art like a museum does: as a collection. 

"If you are to commission a piece, accept a donation or purchase something, you want to be adding to the collection to make it more robust or to not repeat examples of what you already have," she said. 

Beyond physical pieces, the public arts plan will identify ways to improve events and bolster funding. 

The newly completed 7th Street plaza is one public space that could see new programming after an arts plan is implemented
Credit City of Glenwood Springs

Brian Smith is the director of the city's parks and recreation department. He says the money to hire consultants would come from the arts and culture board's budget. 

"What we're hoping to get with this plan is to uncover Glenwood's creative assets," he said. 

Davis says the consultants will collect extensive feedback from the community.  

The deadline for firms to apply to head up that process is October 11. Davis says a firm will be selected later this month. The goal is for the art plan to be completed by the end of the year.