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Glenwood Springs Selects Madeline Wiener For New Public Art Project

Oct 23, 2018

"Justice For All" by Madeline Wiener, outside of the Denver Justice Center

After a national search, Glenwood Springs has selected Colorado artist Madeline Wiener for a new public art piece. The sculpture will be centerpiece of a future park on the north landing of the grand avenue bridge. Wiener was selected from a field of 17 applicants.


Wiener works in limestone, granite and marble. She has a part-time residence in Marble. She says she’s dedicated her career to public art rather than work that’s displayed in galleries, and has public art on display in Colorado and around the U.S.

Her series "Bench People" are large, contemporary, interactive human figures.


"Children will climb all over it, adults will just have a seat. It will be functional," Wiener said of the future project in Glenwood Springs.


The city’s arts and culture board is looking for community involvement on the piece. A series of design charrettes will be held to gather input from the public.


Wiener says she welcomes the chance to work with citizens on the project. "It’s not about Madeline Weiner. It’s not about my art. It’s about what the community wants, and I’m going to help expedite that," she said. 


Arts and culture reporter Christin Kay discussed Wiener's past work and the Glenwood Springs project with host Zoe Rom.