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Governor Jared Polis On His Next Steps After Recall Attempt Fails

Sep 6, 2019


Colorado Governor Jared Polis was in Aspen last Friday, the same day it was announced that an effort to recall him in his first year of office failed.



Gov. Polis says he'll still closely watch the recall efforts against other Democratic lawmakers, and hopes those recalls will fail as well.  Then, he says, he wants to re-focus on issues like transportation, education and healthcare costs. 

"I’m going to pull in Democratic and Republican leadership and just talk about a path forward," he said.


Gov. Polis also discussed lower healthcare rates on the state insurance marketplace, Connect For Health Colorado.


He said residents on the Western Slope could see their costs lowered by up to a third next year.  The governor says that climate action will be a priority in his next term. 

"We are really in the forefront of states whose economies will be affected by climate if we don’t take bold action now,” he said.