'Green Is The New Black' Returns To Highlight Sustainable Fashion

Mar 13, 2019

Credit Brent Moss

The Green Is The New Black fashion show in Carbondale features original clothing, all created from sustainable materials.  

The designs on the runway might be made with organic cotton or hemp, or be up-cycled (created from previously worn items). Some fabrics may even come from pineapple and coconut fibers, or old plastic bottles.



Deborah Lindquist has been making sustainable clothing since the 1980s. This is the second time her designs have been featured in the Carbondale show.

Lindquist says there’s a growing demand for an ethical alternative to the "fast-fashion" that’s flooded retailers. This is inexpensive clothing, produced quickly by low-wage overseas workers, some of whom are children.


"Fast-fashion has changed the fashion world in a big way that’s very, very destructive and detrimental to human beings, the environment and the industry," she said.


She says the fashion industry as a whole is showing renewed interest in eco-friendly designs.


"Fortunately, it’s a conversation again, which it has not been in about 10 years," she said.


While Green is the New Black is sold out this weekend, there are still tickets available to a preview show Thursday evening.  


Sustainable fashion fans can browse pieces from Green is the New Black designers, including Deborah Lindquist, at a trunk show at Aspen’s Marble Bar in Aspen on Saturday.