Haze in Roaring Fork Valley due to wildfires in Pacific Northwest

Aug 19, 2015

Wildfires like Upper Priest Fire in Idaho are to blame for the smog in the Roaring Fork Valley.
Credit http://inciweb.nwcg.gov

The hazy conditions in the upper Roaring Fork Valley Wednesday (8/19) were from wildfires burning in the Pacific Northwest.

All day Wednesday, Aspen Environmental Health Specialist Jannette Whitcomb was checking the air quality in town. Two monitors track ozone and particulate matter. Despite the smog, the monitors recorded “good” air quality.

"The levels have gone up higher than normal because of the fires, but they’ve haven’t gotten into unhealthy ranges," she says.

If the air quality reaches unhealthy categories, people with respiratory illnesses, children, the elderly and ultra athletes are at risk. The National Weather Service reports the haze will stick around today and start to break up Friday. Click here to find real time updates of Aspen air quality.