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Health Insurance 101: What To Know Before Open Enrollment

Oct 25, 2019

Credit Rural Health Professions Action Plan

What are insurance tax credits? What are cost-sharing reductions? How do people enroll in health insurance?

Health insurance open enrollment is November 1 - December 15. To make sure Valley residents are prepared for that upcoming enrollment period, Garfield County Libraries is partnering with Mountain Family Health Centers to teach residents what they need to know to enroll and pick the right plan. 

Health Insurance 101 will help answer any questions about eligibility, enrollment and what terms like tax credits and cost-sharing mean. 

Lacy Dunlavy, the Carbondale Branch Library manager, said health insurance can be confusing for anyone. Not only do people need to decide what plan is best for them, they also need to know what to look for and know what options are available. 

“The point [of Health Insurance 101] is to arm people with information so they can make good decisions,” she said. 

Dunlavy said health insurance is expensive, especially in the Valley. So the event will help residents navigate the complicated process and avoid making a mistake the could become a financial burden.

She said the event will hopefully help remove “some of the mystery from it and hopefully make it seem a little bit more manageable.”

Health Insurance 101 is Monday, October 28 at 6 p.m. at the Carbondale Branch Library.