Heavy rain boosts Roaring Fork River in Aspen to flood stage

Jun 17, 2015

Heavy rain Tuesday night boosted flows on the Roaring Fork River through Aspen. Law enforcement is warning people to steer clear of high-flowing rivers.
Credit Facebook/Pitkin Co. Open Space and Trails

Heavy rain Tuesday night boosted the Roaring Fork River in Aspen to flood stage. Minor flooding is possible in low-lying areas. 

Flows in the Aspen stretch of the Roaring Fork were nearly four times the typical amount Wednesday morning. Pitkin County Sheriff Joe Disalvo says people with homes in a floodplain should be prepared to sandbag and self-rescue if waters get too high.

"I’m hoping it’s not going to get that dire that quickly. It’s probably going to be a slow-moving process for some of these at risk areas, which are currently not at risk but may be.”

He recommends people stay 25 feet away from high-flowing rivers. Emergency officials were out last weekend educating recreationalists and may do it again this weekend. Forecasted high temperatures this week could boost the rivers even more.