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Holidays may bring swifter security checks for some airport passengers

Dec 16, 2015

The TSA Precheck lane at the Aspen Airport has been closed intermittently recently. Starting Thursday, though, it will be open more consistently.
Credit Creative Commons/Flickr/Redjar

Starting Thursday (12/17) the Transportation Security Administration says it will open a fast-track security lane at the Aspen airport more often. The TSA Precheck option has not been open consistently.

Opening the lane depends on the number of staff working and how many passengers are in the airport. Prior to the busy holiday season, the Precheck lane at Sardy Field wasn’t always open, though TSA won’t say how often it was closed. Agency spokeswoman Carrie Harmon says the lane will be open more consistently over Christmas and New Years, but...

"The Precheck lane will probably not be open at all times, everyday, but we do urge passengers to get to the airport at least an hour before their flight."

Harmon says it’s not uncommon for smaller airports to close the lane intermittently.

Passengers who pony up $85 for a membership, agree to a background check and get fingerprinted can become part of TSA’s Precheck program. It’s a swifter security check for the federal agency and allows members of the public to keep their shoes, jackets and belts on.