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Humpty Dumpty named 'Best In Show'

Oct 10, 2017

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At Carbondale’s Potato Day this Saturday, the Humpty Dumpty sculpture, which sits on the wall outside the library, was named “Best In Show” for this year’s Art Around Town contest.



An online crowd funding campaign has raised over half the cost it would take to make the Humpty Dumpty sculpture a permanent fixture in Carbondale.

The sculpture, by Kimber Fiebiger of Minneapolis, is on loan to the town as part of Carbondale’s Art Around Town program.

Sondie Reiff is a member of Carbondale’s public arts commission. She said each person who donates to the effort is a part-owner.


“The children who have seen that statue have really loved the statue and have played by it ... have had their pictures taken by it,” she said.


The town has until May 2018 to raise $6,000 to purchase Humpty from the artist and keep him sitting on the wall outside the Carbondale Branch Library for years to come.