It's Tax Season: Don't Fall For Phone Scams

Apr 11, 2019

Credit Halle Thornton

Monday, April 15, is the deadline to file individual tax returns to the IRS.


Tax season is also a time when phone scammers try and trick people out of their money.

According to a voicemail I recently received, federal officers were coming to arrest me.

The voice said there were four serious allegations against me because of my tax filings.

"We would request you to get back to us, so that we can discuss about this case, before taking any legal action against you," it said.

I did not return the call; if I had, someone on the other end was likely going to ask for sensitive information like my social security, or checking account numbers.

Garfield County Sheriff Lou Vallario says not calling back was a good idea.

"Law enforcement doesn’t call you and tell you, we have a warrant for your arrest. These are scams, don’t buy into them," he said.

If people are unsure, Vallario says, contact the police.

"Contact your local law enforcement if you have any doubt, if you received a phone call, if you get e-mails," he said.