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Jeffery Lowe: Overcoming Sibling Rivalries And Staying Motivated

Jul 16, 2020


Jeffery Lowe misses going to the movies with his friends more than he thought he would.
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The hardest part of the pandemic has been the social isolation for Glenwood Springs High School student Jeffery Lowe. While school work filled his mornings, and fighting with his sister occupied his afternoons, Lowe said he was still anxious to see his friends. 


“I miss, you know, getting soda and popcorn and candy with some friends and watching a movie on the big screen. I really - I miss that more than I thought,” he said. “I’m a very social person. I love to hang out with my friends, and when I couldn’t do that, it affected me.”

Staying engaged with his school work was another challenge for Lowe. Virtual learning wasn’t an easy transition, even though he managed to finish all of his work, including that for multiple Advanced Placement classes. 


“I hated it with every bone in my body, “ he said “It was so hard to stay motivated, especially with plenty of my friends just kind of blowing it off and, you know, going to have fun, like drive around or go swimming or do whatever…it was so hard for me to stay motivated.”