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Joseph Nedlin

Apr 25, 2016

Profession: Retired

Age: 74

Where do you live? Aspen

How long have you lived in the valley? Since 1980

In what capacity have you used AVH? How would you rate your experience and why? I have used AVH in a number of different ways and have had only good experiences. I believe that the staff is professional and the facility is first rate.

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What compelled you to run for a board seat? I felt compelled to utilize my 20 years of experience, as a member of the Board of Trustees of a NYC hospital, towards the hospital that has been such an important establishment for my family and me. As a resident of Aspen, I am aware of the need for quality medical care (which AVH does provide) and want for it to continue at the highest level. Both of my granddaughters were born at AVH and it holds a sentimental value to me. I would like to be involved in seeing the hospital attain and maintain its potential.

Have you ever attended a board meeting? If so, for what reason? If no, why not? I have seen, via the Internet, videos of board meetings.

What makes you qualified to serve? I have served for 20 years on then Board of Trustees of a major New York City hospital in numerous capacities. I have experienced and been hands on involved in every facet of how a hospital operates. This experience has given me a unique and invaluable view in being able to discern the uniqueness of AVH and how best to proceed in its best interests.

What is the most important issue facing AVH? Healthcare in general? How will you address it? AVH will be facing consolidation possibilities by healthcare organizations that could affect its future. Additionally, unknown federal and state healthcare payment structures, the merging of insurers and hospitals are all real and important considerations in our new age of health care. There are a myriad of ideas and possibilities that are being utilized in other locations, which should be brought to the table in order do what is in the best interests of AVH. Providing urgent care centers should also be considered in the dual capacity of reducing cost to patients and providing an incubator facility for inpatient services. Establishing a unique specialty for AVH should be investigated because it would be great to become a “go to” facility for this procedure (i.e. orthopedics.), as well as utilizing the branding of “Aspen” as a destination spot for medical, wellbeing and addiction recovery.

The biggest job in front of the board of directors is to hire a CEO. What does the ultimate candidate look like? Is a local candidate who knows the community and hospital preferable? A qualified CEO should be one who understands the changing healthcare environment, understands the needs of both medical and non-medical staff and will address the functionality of various departments and their need to work together. Further, providing a safe heaven for patients and knowledge of how to fiscally maintain the stability of AVH are crucial. The CEO should be a leader in all aspects of running a hospital, which include fund raising and grant writing. A qualified CEO will be able to view the uniqueness of the community and establish a plan that takes into account all the various components of Aspen.

What do you want voters to know about you? I am an altruistic individual that has devoted the latter part of my life to making sure the communities I reside in are made better for all. My family lives in Aspen and I am dedicated to making AVH the best possible hospital, for residents and visitors alike, to the town I proudly call home. I wish to selfishly serve and educate, as well as be educated, in order to uphold the tradition that AVH has established over the years.