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Kaiser customers may end up getting care on the Front Range

Dec 27, 2015

Credit Elise Thatcher

  Residents in Eagle County are eligible for health care insurance with Kaiser Permanente next year, but that could mean traveling to the Front Range for some procedures. Eagle and Summit counties are in Kaiser’s network in 2016, which is the carrier’s first foray into the mountains.

  After a recent agreement with with Valley View Hospital, Eagle County residents may be more likely to consider Kaiser coverage, since doctors will be within a half hour’s drive. A representative for Kaiser told Aspen Public Radio last week that making medical care closer to insured customers is a long term goal.

But that representative also confirmed that patients may be sent down to the Front Range for some procedures. The email says making care as easy and affordable as possible may, quote, “include receiving some services on the Front Range, but most importantly we want our Eagle County members to have their choice of where they receive their care.” Kaiser is still working out which procedures are more appropriate to do on the Front Range.