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Katherine McMillan: 'Wondering'

Jun 17, 2020

Katherine McMillan has lived in Aspen for nearly eight years after starting to visit the city in 1962.
Credit Katherine McMillan

Katherine McMillan said she's never experienced anything like the COVID-19 pandemic. She wrote the following poem “to get out some of the feelings that were turning around inside me.”



Wondering if the grocery store worker sneezing in aisle 3 was infected

Wondering why the kid stocking the shelves isn’t wearing a mask or gloves and keeps getting in my space

Wondering if I should eat breakfast as soon as I get home from senior early-bird shopping hour

Or wipe down all the groceries with disinfectant first

Wondering if washing the thin wool gloves I wore to the store and my face muff with other clothes

Will infect everything because it was only a cold wash

Wondering if the article someone sent me today saying that vigorous exercise creates a vortex of exhaled droplets that travel as far as 35 feet is real or fake news

Wondering why the store manager says he can’t make his workers wear masks, only encourage it

Wondering why I can find any place to get a test to see if the cold I had six weeks ago was actually a mild case and now I’m okay

Wondering why our president isn’t giving us plans that reassure us rather than make us even more nervous

Wondering what the summer will look like

Wondering, if I just go back to bed, will I wake up to find it was all a bad dream?