Law Enforcement: Meth is a Significant Problem in Rifle

Sep 12, 2013

Several drug arrests and a public drug overdose death have shed light on the problem of methamphetamine use in the Rifle area.
Credit tridentnarc.com

Methamphetamine has made headlines in Garfield County recently. On Monday, law enforcement officials announced they collected 117 grams of meth in the Rifle area. The drug enforcement team TRIDENT made eight arrests in the drug bust. Also, authorities announced this week a meth overdose was to blame for a mysterious death. Rifle resident Anthony Green fell over dead around midnight on August 22 on a downtown street.

John Dyer is the Rifle Police Chief. Since he came on board about a year ago, he says he’s dealt with a lot of drug-related arrests. He spoke with Aspen Public Radio's Marci Krivonen.