Lawsuit surrounding Pfister death contains untruths

Feb 9, 2016

Nancy Pfister and her daughter, Juliana. Nancy was murdered in 2014 by her renter, Trey Styler. He committed suicide last year while in prison. Juliana has filed a wrongful death lawsuit that contains misinformation, provided by her attorney.
Credit CBS Denver

A wrongful death lawsuit filed by the daughter of murder victim Nancy Pfister contains false information... about the circumstances of the prominent Aspen resident’s death. Carolyn Sackariason reports.

The lawsuit targets Nancy Masson-Styler and alleges that she had a role in Pfister’s death in 2014. Masson-Styler’s husband confessed to killing Pfister with a hammer to the skull. Trey Styler committed suicide in prison last year.

The lawsuit says Pfister died after an axe was plunged into her chest. Aspen attorney David Bovino told the Aspen Daily News that it is in the “police records.”

But that information is not true. Sherry Caloia is the District Attorney who oversaw the investigation. She says there is no reference to an axe in any police record, and more importantly the coroner’s report.

“So, when you read that story, did it surprise you? It surprised me very much.”

Bovino didn’t return calls for comment.