Layoffs announced at largest natural gas company in Garfield Company

Mar 2, 2015

WPX, the largest natural gas company operating in Garfield County, announced layoffs Monday.
Credit Roger Adams

The largest natural gas company in Garfield County announced layoffs on Monday. WPX is eliminating 11 of 231 positions at its office in Parachute. Twenty-five employees at the company’s Denver office are also losing their jobs. Company-wide, WPX is laying off 83 people. It operates in three major basins: in New Mexico, North Dakota and Colorado.

In a statement on the WPX website company CEO Rick Muncrief says, “These are tough decisions that impact good people – people who have worked hard and done their best for WPX. We do not take that lightly.”

Low commodity prices are impacting the company’s bottom line. In January, they announced a slow-down of operations in Western Colorado. WPX has 4500 producing wells in the Piceance Basin.