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Lemons Over Apples: Roaring Fork Valley's Tall Fello Limoncello Joins Cidermass

Sep 5, 2019

Bottles of Tall Fello Limoncello lined up and ready for distribution

Saturday in Snowmass, the Cidermass festival brings together cider breweries from all over the county.  They’ll be joined by new Roaring Fork Valley limoncello maker Tall Fello. 

Christopher Hall is, indeed, a tall fellow at 6’11”.

Hall, a private chef, started Tall Fello in a Glenwood Springs warehouse about a year ago.  He’s worked to perfect the recipe, which he says isn’t as sweet or as high in alcohol as other limoncellos. The secret formula involves a little sugar, spirits from Woody Creek Distillery and cases of lemons, which he peels by hand.

The company was just picked up by a Colorado liquor distributor. Hall says, he’s still committed to an artisan, small-batch approach.  

"I’ll hire more people, but we’ll keep doing everything by hand," he said.  

Cidermass attendees can find Hall pouring samples of Tall Fello’s basil lemonade cocktail on the Snowmass mall starting at 1 p.m. Saturday.


The annual Balloon Festival and Septemberfest are also in Snowmass this weekend.