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Leroy Duroux

Mar 11, 2016

Name and age? Leroy Duroux, 66 

What brought you to Basalt and what keeps you here? I was born in Aspen and my family moved to Basalt in 1963. My wife Janice was also born in the Basalt area. We raised two children — Amy French and Darren Duroux. We have family members who settled here 100-plus years ago and we have not found a more desirable place to live.

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Have you ever been arrested? If so, why? No

Who is your personal hero and why? My Dad, Rene. He taught me that hard work was good for me and to respect people and the land. He taught me to listen and think before you talk, and to be kind and help others and to always leave places better than you found them. Family is most important.

Why should you be elected to Basalt Town Council? Because of my desire to continue to serve the community, which I have loved and worked hard for in the past in order to make better. I have experience with nine and a half years on Basalt Town Council, eight of those as mayor. I've served on many boards in the community. I have commitment. In the last 17 1/2 years I've missed less than five meetings on council. I have also attended as many community events as possible and supported the local schools. Another reason I should be elected is because of my history. I've been in Basalt for 53 years. And the last reason is for my knowledge in water issues, budgets and community service.

If you could accomplish only one thing as a Basalt Town Council member, what would it be? It would be to build the Basalt Avenue underpass. This project has been needed for many years. The safety of students, bus riders, residents and bike riders is necessary. This will also create a safe connection to the Rio Grande Trail.

What about the current Basalt Town Council that needs to change? Fiscal responsibility. There has to be budgets that balance spending with revenues and that create a healthy reserve. Priorities on projects must be established by the new town council and funding sources must be secured to ensure the completion of these projects. The new council should also support and respect the staff. No more comments in public meetings that staff are not doing their jobs. The new council needs to make decisions that allow Basalt to move forward.

Basalt is grappling with several issues. A big one is how to go about the Pan and Fork property. As a Basalt Town Council member, what would you advocate for?  The Our Town Plan has been going on for years. It has incorporated thousands of ideas and hours of citizen comments. I think it is a good mix of development and park and something I would support. The process of development review must move forward.

Some people say Basalt is split over how to manage the Pan and Fork. Others say most people want the same thing, it’s just some of the details are different. What do you think?  I think it is in the best interest of the town to recover some of the money they spent. They have spent $7.5 million to date. This does not include hundreds of hours of staff time. The Community Development Corporation owes the town $2.8 million. The town should not spend more dollars on the Pan and Fork until there is a plan for future development.

Old Town Basalt is still struggling to fill storefronts. How much does town government play a role in changing that? Town government needs to make sure Old Town remains attractive, clean and inviting. Old Town may need a little more tender love and care (TLC). Over the years, I have heard many positive comments on the beauty of the flower gardens. These gardens have become a trademark of Basalt. Town government can also promote a positive attitude by welcoming discussion and input from our residents. 

Thank you for the opportunity to be part of this forum, if you would like to visit with me regarding any issues, please contact me at