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Less Sugar, Bigger Eggs, More Heat: Tips For High-Altitude Holiday Baking

Dec 23, 2019

Credit Wikimedia

The high altitudes of the Roaring Fork Valley can complicate things when it comes to baking those holiday treats: cookies can spread and cakes can collapse into craters.  According to two experts from Colorado State University Extension, just a few small changes can help. 

Elisa Shackelton and Marisa Bunning focus on food and nutrition. Here are their tips for altering your holiday baking for the better at higher altitudes:

  • Decrease baking powder or baking soda by 1/8 or 1/4 teaspoon for every 1 teaspoon in the recipe since leaveners react with more force in higher elevations.
  • Reduce sugar by 1 or 2 tablespoons for every 1 cup to keep it more concentrated when cooking.
  • Use extra-large eggs instead of large eggs to help offset the effects of the high, dry climate. 
  • Increase oven temperature by no more than 25 degrees to keep cakes from collapsing and cookies from spreading. 

For more tips on baking and cooking at high altitudes, visit Colorado State University Extension's website.