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Lisa Singer’s stormy paintings

Sep 4, 2016

Lisa Singer's paintings are on display at the Art Base

 Lisa Singer’s interpretations of stormy weather are on display at the Art Base in Basalt starting Friday. She spoke with Aspen Public Radio’s Patrick Fort about what creating these paintings does for her state of mind.

On creating art on your hands and knees…

“The storm is embodied within me. When I paint it, I am storming. My heart is beating fast. I am very physical. There’s a lot of different movements and different directions I’m coming from. There’s a prevailing wind, so to speak. I embody the subject matter in the process.”

Why she chose to paint storms…

“Nature is awesome. Storms are awesome. I’m always moved by them. I like to paint things that I'm moved by. The storm is more like a metaphor for all the types of storms I feel are around us. In storms. In society. In relationships. I feel like we are in particularly stormy times right now.”