Live APR Broadcast of the Final Concert of the Music Festival Season

Aug 13, 2018

Credit Richard Termine

Music's most famous stalker, Hector Berlioz, composed his Symphonie  Fantastique to impress a famous actress after suicide threats and impassioned letters failed to move her. The symphony tells the  story of a despiairng man poisoning himself with opium and having a series of dreams of ever-escalating sexual madness until he murders his beloved. The final two movements depict his decaptitation at the guillotine (complete  with the sound of his head falling into a basket and then rolling down the street) and finally a hellish vision where his beloved is actually an agent of his damnation, mocking him through all eternity. Celebrate the final concert of the Aspen Music Festival live at the Tent, or with our live broadcast on Aspen Public Radio, this Sunday, August 19 at 4:00 pm. Host Chris  Mohr walks  you through the entire concert, which also includes highlights from Wagner's opera Die Walkure.