The Living Dead Take Over Aspen Art Museum

Dec 19, 2018

The Aspen Art Museum opens two new exhibits Thursday.  

The exhibition “Zombies: Pay Attention!” takes up the entire lower level of the art museum.  It features works by 24 artists, all tied in some way to the idea of a zombie apocalypse.




They range from humorous takes, like Rashid Johnson’s neon yellow sign that simply says, “Run,” to more ominous works, like Piotr Uklański’s untitled sculpture, which bears a disturbing resemblance to bloody entrails.  

The Aspen Art Museum’s Nancy and Bob Magoon CEO and Director Heidi Zuckerman says that the show is meant to encourage people to wake up and make choices that make their life better so they won’t become one of the metaphorical living dead.

"I’ve really been thinking about zombies as being indications of a life not lived," she said.

Also opening Thursday evening is a new work on the museum’s roof deck sculpture garden. Robert Montgomery’s “The City In Their Echo” is a poetic ode to the mountains and the sea, written on a billboard in LED lights.   

Both exhibits open Thursday evening at 5:30 p.m.