Local Indie Filmmaker Takes Vampire Flick 'Bite Me' Directly To Audiences

Jul 9, 2019

Naomi McDougall-Jones in a scene from her film "Bite Me"
Credit bitemethefilm.com

A Roaring Fork Valley local brings her movie about real-life vampires home this week. Naomi McDougall-Jones wants to break the mold when it comes to promoting indie films. 

McDougall-Jones wrote and stars in the film “Bite Me.” It’s a love story between a vampire and an IRS agent.  


"The initial seed of the movie was wanting to write a film for the real outsiders of the world," she said. 

She says indie films are definitely outsiders in the entertainment industry, often acquired by film distributors who dump them onto platforms like Netflix with no marketing support. 

McDougall-Jones is on a forty-city road trip she’s calling “The Joyful Vampire Tour” to take “Bite Me” directly to audiences. Each event includes a post-screening Q-and-A and a “Joyful Vampire Ball,” where costumes are encouraged. 

The “Joyful Vampire Tour” comes to the Aspen District Theatre Wednesday and the Glenwood Vaudeville Review Thursday.