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Matilda Barth: 'Remembering When Life Was Fun'

Jul 16, 2020


Matilda Barth realized how much she took school for granted before the quarantine.
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Matilda Barth saw first-hand how quickly life can change. She anticipated a stressful end to her junior year, filled with Advanced Placement and SAT tests. The pandemic turned that imagined future into an uninspiring spring of staring at a computer. 


“The world had completely shifted in the blink of an eye,” she said. “Online school seemed impossible. We lack the motivation to sit in front of a computer for six hours a day and teach ourselves how to do algebra.”



Barth said she saw how much she and her classmates missed being at school. 


“Students realized how much they took school for granted. Our days were empty and boring, and we missed those friends we only saw at school.”