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May is ‘Older Americans Month’ in Eagle County

May 2, 2017

Eagle County seniors present for the Board of Commissioners resolution, declaring May "Older Americans Month."
Credit Eagle County

The Eagle County Board of Commissioners adopted a resolution Tuesday declaring May “Older Americans Month.”

The county’s population is aging and more older folks want to move in. Within the next 50 years, Eagle County could see a 274 percent increase in people 65 and older.


Eagle is the most extreme case in the region, but it’s no outlier. Eagle, Pitkin and Garfield counties are part of Colorado’s Rural Resort Region. Its overall population is expected to almost double between 2010 and 2035.


Eagle is the third fastest growing county in the state for people 65 and older.


Several years ago, the county’s public health department identified aging as a top priority. The county has been working on the “Aging Well Initiative,” which assists seniors within the community.