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Mettle Over Medals: 5Point Film Highlights Adaptive Climber Kaitlyn Heatherly

Apr 24, 2019

Adaptive climber Kaitlyn Heatherly in a scene from "Dead Last," which details her journey to the Paraclimbing World Championships just five months after she learned to climb.
Credit "Dead Last," directed by Dylan Brown and produced by Sarah Herron

Carbondale’s 5Point Film Festival kicks off Thursday. The event focuses on outdoor adventures and athletes of all stripes.  

One film making its debut is “Dead Last.” It follows adaptive rock climber, Kaitlin Heatherly, as she competes at the Paraclimbing World Championships.

Featherly has one arm. In one scene, she talks about what it was like to learn to climb with a physical difference.

"I was just always frustrated, always, but I kept coming back. I know, like any other thing in life, you will adapt, find your way and progress," she said.

Reporter Christin Kay spoke with Sarah Herron, the producer of “Dead Last.” Herron was born with one arm, and, like Heatherly, is an adaptive athlete.

They talked about the film's title, and about how athletes with physical differences are finding more representation in the adventure film world.

“Dead Last” screens at 5Point Film Festival on Sunday.