The Mobile Food Pantry plans to stop serving

Jul 11, 2016

The local Lift-Up space expects to see more traffic with the Mobile Food Pantry closing
Credit Photo Courtesy of Ryer Gardenswartz

  A local food pantry program is about to stop serving people in the Roaring Fork Valley after six years.


Pitkin County Health and Human Services will be hosting its last Mobile Food Pantry at its office Thursday. The mobile pantry will be stopping because of the Lift-Up program’s growth.

Susan Markwood is the administrative assistant for health and human services department. She says Lift-Up has more space and can serve more people on average — especially now that its offerings have been extended to three days a week.

“We’re hoping that we aren’t going to be missed at all,” she said. “We’re hoping that the people we were serving are going to go straight to the Aspen Lift-Up and get their food surpluses from them.”

The mobile pantry at Colorado Mountain College in Aspen will still be open. Lift-Up stocks the same food as the mobile pantry with fresh foods and new refrigeration.