Moose population growing statewide

Mar 20, 2016

Moose are starting to appear in more populated areas in Colorado. One was spotted only a couple of weeks ago in Glenwood Springs. Experts/wildlife officials said this is expected to become more common as the moose population continues to grow in the state. Aspen Public Radio’s Barbara Platts has the story.


There’s about 2,400 moose statewide, according to The Colorado Division of Parks and Wildlife. With the population expected to grow even more, moose are going to start appearing in areas where people may not expect them. Division spokesman Mike Porras said moose have the potential to be extremely dangerous because, essentially, the animals do as they please.The important thing to do is keep your distance.

“Moose are going to go where they want to go,” Porras said. “They aren’t afraid of people. They are pioneering. They are walking around looking for habitat.”

Porras urged residents and visitors in the Roaring Fork Valley area to keep their distance for their own safety, but also for the safety of the moose. If someone gets into an encounter where they are injured, Colorado Parks and Wildlife will have to put the animal down in the “interest of human health and safety”.