Most common question on Colorado ballots is about broadband

Oct 26, 2017

About one third of Colorado cities and towns are holding elections on Nov. 7. The most common question voters will face is whether to allow their community to explore other options for receiving broadband.

State law requires cities and towns that want to consider other ways of getting broadband to first ask voters. Kevin Bommer is the deputy director of the Colorado Municipal League which advocates for cities and towns at the state capitol.  He says 69 cities have already passed similar questions.


“Just a continuation of the theme we’ve seen all along,” Bommer said. “People aren’t happy with the existing broadband service, so they want to empower their local government to explore other options.”


Such as a public private partnership, with the city owning the infrastructure or in some cases the city providing broadband. Even with push back from the telecom industry - all of the previous elections on the issue have so far have been successful.