New Photography Exhibit Urges Viewers To 'Say It'

Jan 10, 2019

Photos from "Say It" by Trace Nichols
Credit The Art Base

A new photography exhibit at the Art Base invites visitors to create the final masterpiece.

“Say It” is made up of about 70 still-life photographs by Aspen artist Trace Nichols. Visitors to the exhibit select a few of the images and sequence them together on the gallery walls to create their own statement.  Nichols says it’s like forming a sentence from words, except "it’s using a universal language, a visual language."  

Nichols was intrigued by the idea of creating an interactive exhibit.


"I want people to feel free to come and move the images around, use what really speaks to them, or resonates with them, so that they can formulate their idea and get it across," she said.


The nature of the exhibit means its appearance will change every day throughout its run at the Art Base as visitors rearrange photos.


“Say It” opens at 5 p.m. on Friday.