"No" on Base 2 camp reacts to failure of Question 2A

Nov 3, 2015

The Vote No on 2A campaign was successful Tuesday. A majority of voters decided against Base 2 Lodge in Aspen.
Credit Marci Krivonen

Voter turnout improved on election day Tuesday (11/3) in Pitkin County. More than 5600 people turned in ballots. That's more than the last odd-year election, which yielded 4800 votes.

A majority of voters decided against Base 2 Lodge. It was the most controversial measure on the ballot. Aspen Public Radio’s Marci Krivonen has more.

The “no” vote won easily, even though the “pro” campaign had more money. Preliminary results show 62 percent of voters decided against building Base 2 lodge on the corner of Monarch and Main streets. 37 percent voted in favor of it.

Ward Hauenstein spearheaded the effort to get voters to strike down Base 2. The citizen referendum followed approval of the project by City Council.

"I’m excited. I was very excited about the amounts of variances that were allowed, of zoning creep. A lot of things about the approval were upsetting. It’s comforting to find that so many people in Aspen share those views."

The developer - Mark Hunt - says he plans to build a commercial building at the site now, instead of the hotel.

The closest Aspen race throughout election night was Question 2B. It asked how City Hall, also known as the Aspen Armory site, should be used in the future. Voters could choose to either convert into a community building or keep it for city offices. In the end, 51 percent chose the community center option.