'NU-TOPIA' brings peace, love and dance to the Wheeler

Jun 4, 2018

The Wheeler Opera House kicks off its summer season with the show "NU-TOPIA: Tour the Mystery!" It uses dance, a light show and the music of The Beatles to spread a message of love. It’s also part of a new effort by the Wheeler to showcase productions headed up by locals.



"NU·TOPIA: Tour the Mystery!" is an original multi-media dance production featuring dancers from the Colorado Ballet and the University of Utah, as well as local trapeze artists.

Carbondale-based creator and director Loren Wilder called it a show with a message.  

“John Lennon was a great proponent of peace and knowing that peace is something you have to establish inside of yourself before you can establish that out in the world is the premise of the story of the show," said Wilder.

Gena Buhler, the executive director of the Wheeler, said NU-TOPIA represents the first step in a plan to highlight artists from the Roaring Fork Valley.  

“You know, we spend a lot of money on bringing artists in. Let’s focus on spending some money on our local arts and communities and helping them produce a show in our professional setting,” said Buhler.

This week, Wilder and local wellness nonprofit “Lead with Love” will host lunch discussions about the messages of the show at 12:30 p.m. at Bosq restaurant in Aspen.


"NU-TOPIA" starts at 7:30 Friday and Saturday evenings.