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Online World Is A Little 'Alarming' In New Interactive Exhibit

Oct 28, 2019

A giant interactive cell phone by artists K. Vuletich and Sarah Espinoza is part of the exhibit "Alarming! Human Identity In The Digital Age."
Credit Christin Kay / Aspen Public Radio

A new exhibit at Carbondale’s R2 Gallery looks at how the digital age is shaping humans.  “Alarming: Human Identity in the Digital Age” creates a world that imitates the one found online.  

Denver-based visual artist K. Vuletich and sound designer Sarah Espinoza collaborated to create an environment that Espinoza says mimics social media.  

"A lot of the design for the pieces has to do with being in a relaxing environment that’s deceptively playful and calming, and the more you interact and the more you engage the more dull and boring it becomes," she said.


Sound designer Sarah Espinoza (l) and visual artist K. Vuletich (r)
Credit Christin Kay / Aspen Public Radio

The exhibit includes Espinoza’s ever-present background soundtrack.

"It seems relaxing at first, but it’s so repetitive and so rhythmic that it can either draw you in and hold you close, or it can drive you crazy," she said.


Visual artist K. Vuletich’s infinity mirror lights up in response to different sounds. Her wall-sized interactive phone and emoji imagery is meant to help people question when the draw of the online world becomes a distraction. 



Credit Christin Kay / Aspen Public Radio

"It’s kind of why everything is bright and colorful and kind of playful but not super-practical," she said.  


"Alarming! Human Identity in the Digital Age" is on display through November 8.